Sunday, July 6, 2014

Evey Belle - The Cheeser

Evey is at a darling stage where she wants to entertain (that is when she is in the mood for entertaining).  If there is a camera or phone nearby, she will put on her biggest smile and say "CHEESE"!
 Gah! She is gorgeous!
 And so cuddly!!  She is in a stage where she wants all mommy all the time (I have a love hate relationship with this stage).  I love that she wants to be near me and hug me and snuggle with me, I hate that she doesn't want me to do anything else.
 She is so funny.  She love to play hide and go seek!

 When she is being silly, she often messes up her hair before she says "cheese"!  We call it the Gary Busse.
We are lightly experimenting with potty training.  So far, zero success.


She has such a personality.  She makes my little mommy heart swell. (That is, when she is not rolling on the floor in a fit of drama)

Saturday, July 5, 2014

Santa's Village

One of the perks of living very close to where you grew up which is very close to where your parents grew up is that you get to take your kids to the places that you went as a kid.  One of those places is Santa's Village, an amusement park for kids.  We decided to go on a whim, and it turned out GREAT!   Xander loves roller coasters and rides and at this park, he could ride almost every ride.  Some all by himself!
 Brr... the North Pole is cold!
 No trip to the amusement park is complete without a little treat!

 Xander and Even both really enjoyed the petting zoo.  Auntie Kimmo on the other hand... she had to fight the goats off with a stick (not a real stick, just a bony elbow).
 Xander loves maps.  Xander loves rides.  Maps of rides = perfection!

Our last stop of the day was Santa's "summer home".  It was fantastic!  We got one on one time with Santa, we got to see how he gets around the world in one night, and see pictures of the wife and reindeer!  Great way to end the day!

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

The Xander Man

Oh man, this summer has been amazing with this smart, sensitive, hilarious boy!

He is in this phase where he really likes to dress himself.  He picked out his favorite basketball shorts, a random Halloween shirt, and of course, a tie - then moved in for a "silly face" at picture time!

He has been so kind to Genevieve this summer.  He likes to cuddle with her on the couch, he brings here stuffed animals when she cries or throws her tantrums, and he has been very kind with sharing his toys.  I love their new little relationship!

Xander got really messy one night playing outside, so I asked him to make his "cross face".  The first picture is my favorite! He is literally trying to make a cross on his face.  

Xander loves riding around the block.  He usually rides his balance bike, but every now and then, he will take Evey for a tractor ride, and no tractor is complete without its trailer... so around the block we go!

When we moved the toddler bed into Evey's room, they both climbed in, Xander covered them all up and told me to turn out the light, they were ready for bed! ha! Likely story!

We got 1 strawberry out of our garden before the birds, squirrels, chipmunks, and rabbits ate them all.  Xander got to enjoy it!!

He has become quite the con-artist lately.  He often asks if he can snuggle downstairs at nap time while I watch "my movie".  Sometimes I let him, because, quite frankly, I enjoy it too!  Often he is sent up to bed after 5-10  minutes of him goofing around.  But sometimes... sometimes it works! and its perfection!

Sunday, June 22, 2014

Triathlon #1

I completed my first triathlon for the year this month.  It was way harder than I expected (at least the swim was).  1 mile of swimming is a LONG way!  The 25 mile bike ride was amazing!  The 6.2 mile run was long and hot and tiring, but ok.  I finished in just under 3 hours (my goal time).
 A happy bonus - the finisher's medal doubles as a bottle opener!

Friday, May 23, 2014

Happy 6th Anniversary Mr. Barnes

Over our anniversary this year, I knew I would be in Colorado giving a presentation at the US Olympic Committee, so I convinced The Mr. to tag along and make a long weekend out of the trip.

If you remember, we, Barnes' love to do outdoor activities on our anniversaries.  This year did not disappoint.  I even convinced The Mr. to do "The Incline" with me.

I think he hated it.  But he looooves me, so he did it! :)

 Dinner date!
 The Garden of the Gods

Mmmwah! I love ya hunny!
Here's to 6 more ;)
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